Choosing Flynn Riley Bailey & Pasek LLP

Expert Real Estate Advice and Counsel

We are well able to guide and counsel our clients through every stage of a real estate transaction, anticipating potential problems and recognizing opportunities, advocating in negotiations, and managing the often complex process of structuring and closing the deal. We have the respect of our many contacts in the real estate industry, including investors, brokers, consultants, escrow officers, and other lawyers, in California and across the Western United States. These contacts allow us to offer a wide array of resources to our clients. Our real estate attorneys also have excellent litigation skills, so if a deal goes south, we have the experience to bring about favorable settlements, without undue delay or expense, and to efficiently and effectively represent our clients in court and achieve results in trial or on appeal in those instances where a favorable settlement is not available.

Outstanding Communication

When you retain Flynn Riley, you receive comprehensive information and advice to minimize your risks and maximize your returns on any real estate deal or dispute, in whatever way and at whatever times are best for you. You will have direct access to and the personal attention of the attorney with whom you prefer to work, as well as the efficient and responsive services of our partners, associates and staff. We know real estate, we know that time is of the essence, we are clear about what decisions you should make at what times, we keep you informed of our work in your behalf, and we respond promptly to you.

Cost-Effective Solutions and Flexible Fee Structures

We provide our clients with the legal resources to make good deals and get good results in any dispute, at a cost that’s reasonable in the context of the case. We are honest with our clients about both the upside and the downside of all legal work we recommend, as well as the anticipated costs, and we can advise you effectively whether you need only very specific tasks performed, or more general representation to protect your interests. Most of our real estate practice involves traditional hourly-rate fee agreements, but in some cases we are able to offer a flat fee for a specific service, a contingent fee arrangement for a particular claim, or another special arrangement to suit your budget. We are diligent about being efficient, and we tailor our services to the level of your needs and your directions.

Litigation and Arbitration

Flynn Riley lawyers have decades of litigation experience in state and federal courts, judicial reference and arbitrations. We have tried a vast array of real property cases involving easements and boundaries, non-disclosure and fraud involving residential and commercial property, specific performance, commercial landlord/tenant disputes, foreclosure and guaranty claims, insurance claims, alleged broker malpractice, commission collection actions, condemnation and inverse condemnation, commercial construction defect claims, partition and various partnership and entity disputes.

We take pride in our ability to understand and evaluate cases early on and to develop, and then execute, strategies for the successful prosecution or defense of contested matters. We understand the law, the court system and the clients’ needs to get contested matters resolved definitively and, because protracted litigation consumes valuable time and money, quickly. We take a focused, strategic approach that will enable the client to understand why we are taking specific steps at any given time and how that fits into the overall strategy for the case. In most cases, we are able to reach a satisfactory settlement that achieves our client’s aims; where no such resolution is possible, we unflinchingly take the case to a trial verdict.

We advocate for our client with knowledge and resolve. We understand that litigation can make or break for a company and fully appreciate that livelihoods may well be at stake. We do everything we can to earn our clients’ trust with hard work and superior results.